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     ’The Transience of Permanence’ 

    Geomorphology, as defined in Steers’ preface to The Unstable Earth, is “that department of physical geography which deals with the form of the Earth, the general configuration of its surface, the distribution of land and water, etc.” (Steers, 1932 p. ix) 

    Within the topic of geomorphology lies the study of coastal erosion. As humans, we are acutely aware of ourselves as transient and as a result we prize memory so much that we value permanence over transience. We consider the places in which we live to be so constant. What is often forgotten is that simply because the landscape changes on a longer timescale than us does not make it permanent. Our coastlines are in a constant, if slow, state of flux. 

    It is this concept of the inevitable transience of permanence, embodied here by the loss and gain of land during coastal erosion, which I explore in these works. 

    - Susannah Bolton, 2012

    Foundation Diploma Final Project Work

    1. Transience (Porthcurno 1), 146x146cm, Graphite powder on paper

    2. Transience (Mineral), 151x151cm, Dry needle work on paper

    3. Transience (Porthcurno 2), 151x151cm, Ink on paper 

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